21 Sep 2016

Safestore Easyread Pitfall Trap

Safestore is a modular system designed to target and monitor stored product insects.

This is a pitfall trap made up of plastic stations with preloaded glue inside the base. The traps come with a tube of food attractant that is non-toxic and pesticide free, making them safe to use around pets and children. Simply add the food attractant to the base on the inside of the trap, close the trap and place near cracks and crevices where the insects are most likely to be. Like the Diamond traps, the Easyread traps have a metal strip to prevent undetected entry into productions lines.

Each pitfall trap can be tailored to a specific insect pest to enable rapid monitoring of a target species. Best results can be obtained by using the Safestore system to set up a monitoring programme. When in place, such a programme can help you to identify when and where infestation problems will arise.