21 Sep 2016

Tobaguard EE

The Tobaguard monitoring range against tobacco pests is supplied with a slow release dispenser

Formulated for the controlled release of pheromones to the surrounding areas. This range of traps is designed to provide a discreet and simple to use solution for monitoring pests.


Tobaguard EE targets Ephestia elutella, the tobacco/cocoa moth. This pest causes serious damage to facilities handling dry plant produce such as cocoa beans, cereals, dried fruits and nuts and tobacco. Regular monitoring of the tobaguard traps makes early detection of infestation possible. Monitoring for pests should be at the forefront of pest management programmes, as early pest diagnosis will increase the likelihood of minimising damage and gaining maximum control.

Benefits of Tobaguard

  • Male pheromone to lure in Tobacco moths
  • Specialist food lure to further enhance attraction
  • Printed with grid pattern for ease of counting

Why choose Tobaguard from Russell IPM?

The Tobaguard sticky traps are designed to make a real impact in your food facility. The traps will ensure maximum insect catch so that you are alerted to the presence of unwanted pests at an early stage, detecting the tobacco pests before they become a major problem to enable timely and effective treatment. Tobaguard is suitable for use in food warehouses, food manufacturing facilities, tobacco storage facilities, tobacco shops, and anywhere cigarette beetles and tobacco moths are a problem.

Each trap comes with a pheromone lure.


Safety Data Sheet: 

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Technical Data Sheet: 

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