21 Sep 2016

Xlure Inspector

The small but effective crawling insect monitor

When you need to rapidly pinpoint the source of infestation, you can depend on Xlure Inspector. This trap is the chosen product to simplify the monitoring process and deal with pest problems in a timely manner. This compact, discreet and prebaited trap is designed to release a lower level of pheromones so that a large number can be placed over a small area without interference between traps.

Benefits of Xlure Inspector

  • Small, inconspicuous monitoring tool for discreet application in open or tight spaces
  • Simple and easy to use saving you time and effort
  • Suitable for hanging or to be secured to various surfaces to capture a range of insects.

In restricted or hard to reach areas, placement of large and inflexible traps can be difficult or even impossible. Xlure Inspector overcomes this problem, with its small, sleek and flexible design making it ideal for hard to reach places that are prone to pest infestation.

Indian meal moth                     Plodia interpunctella

Mill moth                                  Ephestia kuehniella

Tropical warehouse moth        Ephestia cautella

Warehouse moth                     Ephestia elutella

Cigarette beetle                      Lasioderma serricorne

The small size and inconspicuous outer packaging of Xlure Inspector ensures discreet and simple monitoring of key stored food protect pests. The trap is pre-baited and therefore, ready to use: simply peel off the protective paper and fold into a cuboid, place on the floor, under cupboards or secure to wall using the adhesive included.


Safety Data Sheet: 

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Technical Data Sheet: 

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