21 Sep 2016


The Multi-Species-Trap for stored product pests

An innovative solution for monitoring crawling insects is found in our multi-species trap –the Xlure MST. The trap is designed to attract and trap twelve stored product pests using three pheromones and two specialist food lures, scientifically proven to perform significantly better than single pheromone traps. By targeting multiple species with one trap you can reduce the number of devices that need servicing, saving you time and money.

Once your trap is full of insects, simply use one of our refills to replenish the trap without the need to purchase a new trap.

Benefits of Xlure MST

Pest controllers who service any food production, storage or distribution areas will find the Xlure MST an accurate and time saving crawling insect monitor. Xlure MST is suitable for a range of premises: food manufacturers, storage and distributors, retail stores that handle dried food and domestic properties.

  • Cost-effective due to hard-wearing trapping case and replaceable pre-baited cartridges.
  • 360o entrance to maximise trapping potential.
  • Extremely attractive due to combined onslaught of food, pheromones and harbourage.
  • Multi-release systems to allow consistent expulsion of attractants for a full 6-8 weeks.

Biscuit beetle                             Stegobium paniceum

Cigarette beetle                           Lasioderma serricorne

Rust-red flour beetle                   Tribolium castaneum

Merchant grain beetle                 Oryzaephilus mercator

Saw toothed grain beetle           Oryzaephilus surinamensis

Flat grain beetle                           Cryptolestes ferrugineus

Grain weevil                                 Sitophilus granarius

Rice weevil                                   Sitophilus oryzae

Confused flour beetle                 Tribolium confusum

Khapra beetle                             Trogoderma granarium

Warehouse beetle                       Trogoderma variabile

Flour mite                                   Acarus siro

The Xlure MST trap has been designed for effective and discreet monitoring of crawling insect pests in food handling facilities. The trap has a narrow entrance aperture that mimics the crack like harbourages favoured by the crawling pests. This leads into an oil-soaked pit fall trap that ensures reliable and effective containment of the pests. To further prevent insect escape the inner rim is coated with Teflon to greatly improve the trapping potential.


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Safety Data Sheet:

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